What are your favorite trails in Central Oregon?


Trail use on the Deschutes National Forest is increasing as the local population swells and visitors flock to the area to enjoy the local beauty and recreational opportunities that Central Oregon offers. As use increases, however, so do the impacts on wildlife, the ecosystem, and trails infrastructure. User-related conflicts also have the potential to increase as do the costs associated with the removal of trash and human waste and trail maintenance. 

The purpose of the Deschutes Trails Coalition (DTC) is to ensure a future of sustainable trails in Central Oregon. The DTC includes representatives from the conservation, business, tourism, and trail-user communities who work together to make recommendations to envision and create a sustainable trail system on the Deschutes National Forest. Our values reflect “Four Pillars” of sustainability:  environmental, social, economic, and physical. Our organizational goals include:

  • Building support for and awareness of what goes into sustainable trail use and management on the Deschutes National Forest, integrating the ecological, economic and social values of diverse stakeholders with current and future use in mind.

  • Cultivating diverse funding, volunteers and other resources to support trail maintenance, development and enhancement.

  • Engaging the public through outreach, education and opportunities for sharing and dialogue.

  • Serving as a hub for coordinating partners to leverage resources and accomplish shared goals.



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